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Needs an Olivia

If this isn't okay, I will gladly delete. But! I just picked up Elliot in a pan fandom rpg on insanejournal, called Colligo. I don't know how many of you rp, and I don't know how many of you are still in this group, but I would love it if someone apped Olivia. I brought Elliot in from 13, technically, since in my> head, he was going to go back to the Unit and divorce Kathy. XD. So, you can im me or pm me here or comment to this if you are interested. Colligo's a really awesome game, there's lots of fun characters from different fandoms, and the plots are great.

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Elliot & Olivia

SVU Casting News

According to Dick Wolf, four actors are in the running to replace Chris Meloni.

Danny Pino from "Cold Case," Kevin Alejandro from "Southland," David Conrad from "The Ghost Whisperer" and Michael Raymond-James from "Terriers" are all the Wolf's screen test list.

The only actor of those four I'm familiar with is Kevin Alejandro from "Southland." If the new guy is going to partner with Benson, though, my choice is David Conrad (he's the closest to her in age).

Your thoughts, everyone?
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Eliot and Olivia 2


My hubby and I finally got caught up on the last two week's new episodes. The March 31st episode was freakin' awesome!

The showdown between Detective Benson and a certain former Charlie's Angel was intense!

Cut for spoilers ...
Collapse )

Oh, and Jaclyn still looks damn good for 64! Ann-Margret (who is 69)? Not so much, but she's still a damn good actress!

I want to see that episode again! :)

Oh, and I already really miss Stephanie March. Does anyone know if she's coming back or is she gone for good? :(
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